Getting "unable to find command" error in End point manager while selecting the model no

Freepbx 14
End point manger version:

I am trying to add extension details to build config through End point manager. When I select the model no of the phone, it gives me the following error “Unable to find command” and when I click on “OK”, the option for “Save and rebuild config” below disappears. I am not able to build config files through End point manager.

Tried rolling back the EPM vertion to No change.

What could this mean? Please advise.

I can’t reproduce this, can you upgrade to edge and re-test please:

fwconsole ma upgrade endpoint --edge

I upgraded to edge but there is no change. The same pop-up shows up. Never faced this issue before…
What else could I try?


Well with what you’ve provided, I can’t reproduce. Please open a support ticket

Try clearing your browser cache, fixed my issue: PSA: EPM Update Undefined Index: Account

Thank you very much! The issue is fixed.

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