Getting the S110M module to work

We use a Diguim A4A01 card and have recently added a S110M module. I installed the module on port 4 (ports 1 & 2 are X100M modules). Freepbx basically set it self up, and I created an extension for the module. I can call that extension from another phone, and rings, but the analog does is totally dead.
I could find no instructions on how to set this up, and so I just fiddled with it.

Can someone help me?


Did you plug in the molex connector?

I sure think so! I installed 2 X100M modules on ports 1 & 2, have an line connected to port one that is working, and I plugged the S110M module in the opposite slot (port 4). I assumed that the phone connector at the opposite end would be #4. I think it is written too.

Could it be that it won’t work with slot 3 empty?


The molex cnnector supplies 12volts to the card for your fxs ports, they wont work without it. The fxo ports just need bus power. it’s in your manual.

OK I’ll check it. I didn’t get a manual.



We don’t ship the cards with a paper manual - too many trees would have to be sacrificed to make that happen. You can get a PDF copy of the manual for the A4 cards from: as linked from:


OK Thanks. I get back after I look.


Looks like it works. Thanks.


Yay :smile: (post must be at least 20 characters)

After the update I’m having more problems than ever:
1.- The time situation hasn’t changed
2.- I can’t connect to the server anymore!


It is working now. I had to use the quick setup.
However, the tiome is still not right. Are there some work arounds? Should I set up an boot server?


The time situation? (20 character minimum)

I didn’t think this is Freepbx’s problem, but you might have run into it. The Polycom IP335 phone we have doesn’t get the time from the ntp server - the time is unset. It appears also that no other device is able to access the time either, however, Internet access works. We have a seperate subnet for our voip, so the Internet access goes through 2 routers: a TP-Link TL-WR842ND for the subnet, and a Smartrg SR505n as the DSL modem.


Nor a Digium problem it seems. (bows out)

Good luck :smile:

Not the same subject, you should post again with all the relavent details of how you installed your system and what is not working, if the date is right on the server, then how you setup ntp , either locally or remotely.

I am using a Smartrg SR500n DSL modem using the router capabilities. It also provides the DHCP for the computers on the primary subnet if needed (most are static). I am using a TP-LInk TL-WR842ND as a router to connect a seperate subnet for the voip. It provides the DHCP for the vopi subnet. In every device in both subnets I have been using external ntp servers.
However I am finding out that none of my devices are able to contact a ntp server, so there is a wider problem I have to work through. I intend to get the computers on the primary subnet working, then move into the voip subnet.
I am open to suggestions. On the computers:
telnet 13
does not work, nor with port 123. That’s as far as I got yet, as everything is working, so we are not down, and we are busy.


My sympathies but that has nothing to do with “Getting S110M module to work”, please follow the rules . . .