Getting the end time for a calendar event group based time condition

Hi folks,

I’m trying to get some information about the event that is triggering a time condition and access that information in the dailplan.

I intend to use the end time of the event to play a voice recording letting the caller know when the event is planned to end. Like: “The person you’re trying to reach is currently in a meeting, and is planning to return at HH:MM”.

I’ve figured out how to do the talking part, but somehow I need to pass the event data (the event end time) to the dailplan to parse which numbers to read . That is where I’m stuck. Does anyone know how I can access this information?

I’m using FreePBX with Asterisk Version: 18.20.2

After some struggle, I’ve figured it out. I’ll write a description if anyone else need some help getting the same functionality, and I’ll post it in the tips & tricks forum.

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