Getting Sysadminpro to setup voicemail to email configuration

Does anyone know how to pay the $25 and get sysadmin proc to allow for advance configuration and to configure my email server with freepbx2.10 so I can receive emails via the phone system.

I have been looking for awhile and it seems this information is not easily documented. It also seems that it is unclear as to what file, and in what location need to be created and configured in order to allow this work

Any assistance on where I need to look to either complete this process myself or hire the developers for $25 would be greatly appreciate.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

At the top of this page click Store, Then Click Commercial Modules, Then Signup…

You can buy the license and apply the code in FreePBX.

I will say it’s not exactly a straight forward and can be confusing… you have to create an account, then create a deployment, and then buy the license for your deployment.

Also, know that if your SMTP server authentication, you may have to play with some things to get it working. Hopefully you will have an easier time with it than me.

Does anyone know if sysadminpro uses sendmail or postfix for email? Which program is better in the long run? If you purchase the admin module, are you required to pay annual $25 or is it a onetime module purchase? Will the module continue to work with future upgrades? Trying to ascertain the long range implications of software purchase and operating costs.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

It’s postifix and it’s a one time fee. Module will move with updates.

Sys Admin Pro does much more that just setup email. You can also do updates from GUI without having to run/download scripts from shell.

I’d Highly recommend buying sysadmin. as SkyKing said, it does much more than help your configure email. my original reply was not to make it sound that sysadmin was difficult, but that it might not be a one click fix to your email issues.

I purchased sysadmin pro and it was worth it to me. I also believe it is good to support the folks that put all the effort into making this distro.

Do note that you can’t setup outbound through gmail (or other TLS servers) without manual effort on top of sysadmin pro. I hope they can add it in the future for at least gmail (or one of the big public email servers), but they are concerned that it requires root to generate certificates and the requirements change sometimes and they don’t want to chase them.

Also, the license is for 25 years on a single machine, which your allowed to change 1 time.

Still worth it IMHO, but still have fingers crossed for more future enhancements :slight_smile:

I am going to purchase the module, but the computers I use to access this forum is not the pbx system. Do I need to burn a disk with the files, or am I able to access the module from the shell command in root to load the correct module. Will that then allow me to input the necessary codes? Just want to make sure I don’t have issues when installing the module.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

You just take the installation number given by their purchasing web page (on your other computer) and plug it into the system administration licensing page on FreePBX. It will then automagically lookup the info and download the licensed code.

I seem to need some help to be able to get the email system to work: Following are the parameters I am using:

SMTP: Use external server? I assume it should be through my company email server or its provide?
SMTP: same as in my email program server, e.g.
Use Auth: Yes
username: Email username
password: password
My Hostname: is this where my email provider hosts, e.g. world
My origin: No idea what should be here
My Domain: is this my ip address of where the machine is or is it my domain name(, e.g.

Are there any other settings that are required to be changed or modified within the system? Do I need to change things if I use SSL? Will the system set ports etc?

Thank for your assistance.

You should ask the person that manages your email server.

If your trying to setup to gmail follow this post -

Above link may also apply to other SSL/TLS email servers.

Thank you for the note; however, I am trying to understand what the fields correlate too in Freepbx sysadmin. I know my email server, I know the ports, I am unfamiliar as to what myhostname and my domain are trying to define. If it related directly to a smtp email setup this would be quick. However, it seems as if there is some more encryption than normal. Has anyone used sysadmin to setup there server? Can they post how they configured the fields generically so everyone can work out the details.

Appreciate the assistance.

Those fields are standard postfix fields and were added at the request of some users last week. Usually you set them to be your domain name or leave them blank and they will use the hostname of the PBX.

I have made numerous attempts at this configuration and it still does not work. When I check the maillog files the system does not seem to point to my smtp server, or it tries to redirect to google mail. It also ignores the user name and password I inputed; and uses the root of the machine name for the freepbx system. I have even tried using my google account to send the emails but it also does not work. My email server is through a third party, and it uses SSL encryption on port 465. I have left the fields blank, tried using default server, and have tried numerous other configurations. My mail log shows a lot of connection timeouts, and I am unclear as to what happens to all the old debug and test emails I have tried sending that do not get delivered. In addition, when I use the debug button, no record of the last 50 lines in mail log shows on that GUI screen. I can not access the mail log from GUI. I must do a tail -50 /var/log/maillog.

If there is additional documentation for sysadminpro that will help me modify config files, settings or other command sets. I would appreciate the assistance.

Thanks for your assistance in regards to this matter.

Does anyone have any configuration suggestions to fix these problems?

Guys we are working on adding the cert generation that relay servers like gmail require. We have our gmail account but if we could get other examples of hosting providers or relay host that require certs we can make sure that they also work with the sysadmin pro portion of the email setup.

Hi Tony - are you guys close on this? I know your plate is pretty full. I only use gmail, so I don’t have any other examples to offer. If you close, I will wait. Otherwise, I will configure my second licensed system manually.


I am not sure let me find out for you. Just have a ton of things juggling at once right now and trying to go where people scream the loudest like wanting a Full ISO installer instead of a Net-Installer and wanting Asterisk 10 and god forbid Centos 6.2

thanks. Also, really appreciate the support for the system admin module minor issue I experienced recently. You guys responded to the ticket and resolved it very quickly.

I do agree the full ISO would be higher priority (I just sent you a PM that I can test it if you need more folks). It looks like the centos net-install is very network intensive with all the individual file access, the “wait a minute for the install to start” actually took hours… and network traces showed it was transferring lots of little data chunks. I am hopeful that the one large ISO would be a more efficient download.