Getting started - Initial configuration for internal VoIP only setup using soft-phones

I am doing a PoC using AsteriskNow and am getting errors of SIP 503.

I would like to know if there is a step-by-step (yes for a newbie) guide to follow to get 2 soft-phones to talk to each other after initial setup.

Is it possible to use only FreePBX GUI and get it done or does it need to get into the CLI and do the file based configurations.

1 - Don’t know what a PoC is, if I don’t I doubt anyone does
2 - Have you been to the wiki
3 - No you don’t have to edit files
4 - Have you been to the wiki
5 - We don’t know anything about your system, you didn’t tell us a thing, IE: versions and network configureation
6 - Have you been to the wiki
7 - Why would you install Asterisk Now and then come to FreePBX for support, was there a reason you didn’t use the FreePBX Official Distro?
8 - For the last time, have you been to the wiki?

The Zoiper softphone was using STUN and therefore was trying to register using public IP. Since the nat wasn’t turned on for the extension, asterisk was failing to communicate with the softphone on correct internal IPs.

@skykingoh, thanks for the reply. It helped to establish that we didn’t have to do anything from CLI to make it work.

Now to answer the questions:

  1. PoC = Proof of Concept
  2. Yes, I did go to the wiki but found that the settings assumed Internet access and therefore need for NAT enabled.
  3. Thanks, your reply helped.
  4. Yes, as in #3
  5. I have downloaded latest AsteriskNow that comes bundled with FreePBX. v3.0.1
  6. Yes, as in #3
  7. Because the UI that is used by default on AsteriskNow installation is FreePBX. I didn’t use the FreePBX Official Distro, as I am trying this for the first time and I was testing Asterisk base, but found AsteriskNow a good way to begin. I now realize that FreePBX is already optimized and fully packaged with the OS.
  8. Yes, as in #3. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. It gives the community members the hope that is necessary for first time users.

Just an addition from experience, if you go to the Asterisk forums and ask about AsteriskNOW, they say it is supported here as the frontend is FreePBX. I don’t understand why that attitude is used when surely it is all Asterisk based anyway… The biggest difference is the interface you configure with?

Just my 2p worth.

The difference is huge. It has to do with all of the dependencies needed for the Distro to work.

Fair enough Skyking, but they do complain that AsteriskNOW is FreePBX supported as that is the front end. Hence why I binned AsteriskNOW and moved to this Distro as at least you guys admit to supporting it.

In my opinion the confusion is in the naming.

FreePBX is stand alone open source project that you install on your own OS.

FreePBX Distro is a complete installer

Does that make sense?

No “how to” can cover all the contingencies and would not have helped you as it was a zoiper issue.

If you go live after the PoC you should establish a relationship with an experienced FreePBX partner that can provided Tier 2 and up support.

Skyking… very helpful.

NOT! :smiley:

Mitesh, have you tried Qutecom? It may be simpler from a config standpoint. Also, just head’s up, it also may be easier for the user if you provide them a USB headset vs a normal stereo headset. Food for thought.

All the best!

Zoiper for now works fine for us, except that we are testing and are not paying for the specific codecs, just using ulaw.

USB headset is a great pointer. Will keep in mind. This is mainly a VoIP only PBX and so I am not yet looking for a POTS connection.