Getting Spammed

We’re getting Spammed pretty badly by a changing number
I’ve found a post that suggests we filter on the request type – doesn’t seem optimal.

There’s also a dialplan trick that has possibilities, but I’m a little confused by the implementation.

Would prefer to filter on >5 calls in a minute.

One question, though, what does it mean when the DID is Blank? See pic.

Are you accepting Anonymous calls?

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Is that what a Blank DID suggests?

I am blocking anonymous calls now. Are the Blank DID’s anonymous calls?
Could this cause a problem with customers trying to call?
Can I solve that by routing Blacklisted calls to a special IVR?

After blocking anonymous callers, no change.


Yes or maybe guest calls
No Point there is no human involved to interact with an IVR

Are you also allowing SIP Guest calls? Did you reload fwconsole? Are you using chan_sip or chan_pjsip on port 5060?

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