Getting registration error messages on PBX server even though registration is successful

I have a dialer I’ve recently installed and I’m getting error messages from Asterisk:

[2021-02-03 11:29:27] NOTICE[9106]: chan_sip.c:24776 handle_response_peerpoke: Peer '3902' is now Reachable. (3ms / 2000ms)
[2021-02-03 11:29:37] NOTICE[9106]: chan_sip.c:28832 handle_request_register: Registration from '"meetingroomw_dialer"<sip:[email protected]##.##.##.##>' failed for '####@####' - Wrong password

As you can see I am successfully able to register this device but I’m getting these constant messages saying the password is wrong. It’s not wrong, it successfully registered and even with all of the messages I’m still able to make calls. They’re happening every 31 seconds or so. I’ve whitelisted the IP in Intrusion Detection so the IP isn’t being banned after too many attempts to register.

Any help is appreciated!

The message is clear, Asterisk is receiving a chan_sip registration attempt from the noted IP that is failing. Unless there is an intermediate device that is messing up the SIP packet, the device is misconfigured.

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