Getting hdlc error

Hi folks, I’m getting this error - [2014-09-29 10:38:35] NOTICE[2216]: chan_dahdi.c:2670 my_handle_dchan_exception: Got DAHDI event: HDLC Abort (6) on D-channel of span 1
Not sure where the problem could be. I have an E1 span and no CRC4 as instructed by my Telco. On dialing I get ''the number you have called is incorrect". Could someone please help. Thanks

This is a very low level error. In practice, it means you have either completely the wrong configuration for the line, or there are hardware faults in the line or the card. The best source of support is probably the card manufacturer. Make sure you have the right clock source (normally the far end for an exchange line).

HDLC is the OSI level two (link) protocol. There is a maximum number of consecutive ones on the line, after which a zero is inserted. One extra one indicates a flag, which delimits frames (blocks) of data. Any more than one is an abort condition and indicates that the current frame has been abandoned whilst incomplete.