Getting Google Voice to work - problem with Motif and res_xmpp

Greetings. I’m a newer FreePBX user, installed on Debian on an older Mac Mini.
Asterisk 11.12.0

I installed the Google Voice (Motif) module hoping to get Google Voice to work. (I understand it’s been slated to not work for a couple months… thanks for the reminder.) Any how, when I load the module, it gives this error:

This module requires Asterisk chan_motif & res_xmpp to be installed and loaded

I’ve installed iksemel. Loading make menuselect shows the following for chan_motif:
[*] chan_motif
│ Motif Jingle Channel Driver
│ Depends on: iksemel(E), res_xmpp(M)

Loading make menuselect in Resource modules, however, doesn’t even HAVE res_xmpp to select. There isn’t even the [XXX] marked by it; it’s just missing completely:

┌──┤ Asterisk Module and Build Option Selection ├─┐
│   Add-ons (See README-addons.txt)        --- core ---   
|   Applications                   [*] res_adsi              
|   Bridging Modules               [*] res_agi               
|   Call Detail Recording          [*] res_calendar          
|   Channel Event Logging          XXX res_calendar_caldav   
|   Channel Drivers                XXX res_calendar_ews      
|   Codec Translators              XXX res_calendar_exchange 
|   Format Interpreters            XXX res_calendar_icalendar
|   Dialplan Functions             [*] res_clialiases         
|   PBX Modules                    [*] res_clioriginate      
|   Resource Modules               XXX res_config_curl       
|   Test Modules                   XXX res_config_odbc       
|   Compiler Flags                 [*] res_config_sqlite3    
|   Voicemail Build Options        [*] res_convert           
|   Utilities                      [*] res_crypto            
|   AGI Samples                    XXX res_curl              
|   Module Embedding               [*] res_fax               
|   Core Sound Packages            [*] res_format_attr_celt  
|   Music On Hold File Packages    [*] res_format_attr_h263  
|   Extras Sound Packages          [*] res_format_attr_h264  
|                                  [*] res_format_attr_silk  
|                                  XXX res_http_post         
|                                  [*] res_limit             
|                                  [*] res_monitor     

Can anyone provide me some help in figuring out why res_xmpp is for some reason completely missing from my install options?

Happy to provide any extra stuff needed. Thanks

Welp. While I was typing this above post, I decided to make & make install even without the ability to select xmpp. Now it loads the module. Go figure.

No magic involved, you should read/run your asterisk/source/contrib/scripts/install_prereq script always when installing Asterisk from scratch, you should ./configure before “making” every time if they weren’t there before and “magically appeared” to save surprises later.

(On that note expect GV to magically disappear “any time soon”)

Thanks for the reply. Not sure where I said anything about “magic” that you keep quoting, but whatever.

Unfortunately, it gets hung up with an error Received Google transport information on session '[email protected]' but ICE support not available as noted without solution. Guess Google Voice isn’t going to be around long anyhow(?).

no e, but you said ‘go figure’ is that not essentially the same thing? My advise was generic, did you install all the prerequisites anyway?

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Turn on “ice support” in SIP Settings.