Getting connected

I have a recent version of FreePBX which came with iSymphony v2.8.0 rev 4295 installed. I gather the Windows client no longer works with this.

I tried connection from http://IP_Address/admin/isymphony/ using the web interface on the first page. I get a link to start the java based client, but it nags me about signed and unsigned code and includes a warning that in a future release of Java the program will not work. After running the Java app, nothing hapens. Nothing shows on the screen and no propt from the boiler manufacturer.

How does one go about getting connected?


I have the same issue and I followed the instructions from iSymphony ( and it will not update. It goes through the download, unpacking and installing but the version never changes. Anyone have any suggestions?

My workaround was to install Java 6, load the iSymphony client, update the server from within iSymphony, then you can uninstall java 6, install the latest java 7(45), then run the client. You will get the warning and block prompts still, but it will load. I had this hit about 10 remote users in one day before I found out the cause.