Getting CDR working on new install

We have the following new configuration after our old server’s hard disk abruptly stopped spinning…

CentOS 6
FreePBX 11.0.0rc1.2

From what I can tell the CDR data is being saved in a .csv file and should also be being saved in mysql (going by the configs) but I don’t see it being displayed when I go to Reports > CDR Reports in FreePBX. Nor do I see any warning or error messages in the logs I have found.

I am sure that it is just a configuration thing but it is not clear to me what is missing or incorrect. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated.

Thanks, M

Just guessing but most likely if you are installing from source you maybe didn’t menuselect cdr_mysql module before compiling. If installing from RPM Check that you have module and if not install the required RPM’s.

If that is ok then second most likely is that Asterisk cannot talk to asteriskcdrdb. Check that credentials in /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf are correct.

I have from the asterisk-addons so that was fine and the config appeared fine. However…

The values in the cdr_mysql.conf were of the form:
dbname = asteriskcdrdb
and when I removed the spaces and changed them to be like:
everything is working fine now.

Thanks for the prod to check things again.