Get trunk line from legacy PBX

Dear The Expert,

my legacy PBX requires dial pattern below for outgoing call:


I use 8 if the asterisk users want to get trunk line from my legacy PBX…
I tried to use below Dial Patterns in Outbound rules…


so for example if I want to dial I should use:


but it does not work… it said the phone no. is incorrect…

what I missed?

please help

Thanks & Regards

… on a system that you are completely unfamiliar with, and that you don’t understand the subtleties in (both operationally and conceptually) is a recipe for pure disaster.

As far as the study goes, you really need to set up an RFP that asks for someone to describe, in detail, how and why you can do this. They don’t need to do the work, but by asking for a detailed transition design, you should get both the information you are looking for here (albeit, piecemeal) and a little bit of the subtle difference between a standard PBX and Asterisk.

I’d still be working for the company where this happened if someone had suggested it to me. Doing it yourself is fun, but remember that every minute you spend learning this stuff is a minute where you are spending someone else’s money.

Mate, I don’t mean to be rude here, but given the variety of questions you’ve been asking lately, it’s obvious this isn’t something you’ve a lot of experience with.
Rather than posting questions on a forum board, to people who have even less idea on your dual PBX setup than you do, may I suggest you get a professional in to help you ?

We enjoy helping people with their systems, but it appears you’re wanting us to help you configure your entire PBX.

Given the phone system is the lineline for most companies, you would do well to get someone in, and get it configured right, the first time.
Otherwise, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on Google, and some very late nights at the office.

As I said before, don’t mean to offend, just pointing out a better way of achieving your goal.

Hi… thanks for your comment, but I really new with Asterisk and I am learning it now because we are in the pilot of VOIP project of our main project (VOIP & Call Center) and we are now trying to connect to our legacy PBX systems.

we would consider your suggestion to hire a professional, but I think it would better if we can finish this project for our feasibility study before we start our main project.

any way thanks again your comment and suggestion… :->)