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Get .Net Core default page after installing FreePBX 14 on Microsoft Azure Centos 7 VM

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(John Yost) #1

I provisioned a Microsoft Azrue Centos 7 with .Net Core 2 and went through the FreePBX manual installation guide found here:

Everything went perfectly with no issues.

When I finished the installation and opened a browser to the GUI, I can only get the .Net Core default web page like this one:

Does anyone know why I’m getting this page and not the FreePBX GUI?

Thanks in advance,

Update: I disabled the default dotnetd.service which was responsible for the default .net core page. But, now I get a page that says “Service Unavailable, The server is temporarily unable to service…” which I think means the apache web server is not configured correctly to serve up the gui webroot. Still digging…

Update: I deleted the VM and started a new VM from an image WITHOUT .Net Core. That image worked perfectly and FreePBX is up and running now.