Get extensions data in ssh / terminal

Good day,

I want to access ym pbx extension settings via the terminal to transfer them to a new pbx as my original ones web interface was inaccessible.

and for the most important part,

How do I do that, and where would I find them?

You just want the extensions? Don’t you want VM and settings such as follow me and CF?

Why can’t you get to the web interface?

Also please read this post

You didn’t supply any system information.

Why can't you get to the web interface?
I think this may be the most important question

Though I dig the nuclear option it is not always the best option. There is no need to burn down the house when you can simply use a shoe to kill the spider.

Please use the post mentioned by SkykingOH and supply the info we need then let’s see if we can simply fix the UI.