Generic set-up. Get the clients to connect

I’ve now made the second install, as suggested from the forum. First was Ubuntu 20.04, second was with the suggested Red Hat + FreePBX 15. I’ve watched most of the films from Crosstalk.

The only difference this far from the Ubuntu build and the Red Hat equivalent is the red button “Apply config” takes 8 seconds Red Hat style and some 5-8 minutes at the Ubuntu build…

Account: static IP + working domain name.
SIP provider:
port: 5060 / # 0130000000 /
user: u0130000000 / pw: t09hi5lkeG / Expiry 3600

I believe I manage to create a trunk and I believe the trunk is working but I can not verify.
I believe I manage to set up Inbound routes and Outbound routes but I can not verify.

I manage to create a group and to add Asterisk Users to that group… But I’m not all convinced of success because my clients (iPhone app + Windows client) can not connect.

What am I missing!?

First, confirm that the trunk is registered at Reports -> Asterisk Info -> Registries.

Next, set up a Default Inbound Route (any CID any DID) with destination Feature Code Admin -> Echo Test. Call in from your mobile and you should hear the echo test instructions and then your echo.

For testing outbound, it’s probably easiest to wait until you have working extensions.

Does anything appear in the Asterisk log when a client attempts to register? If so, post that.
Otherwise, run sngrep and report what, if anything, appears there when a client attempts to register.
If nothing there, either, describe your network setup.

my clients can not connect

take a look at a few things:

  1. as root, run sngrep, and then try to register the device. do you see a SIP Invite from your phone?
  2. can the mobile device load the web UI of your freepbx in browser ? (checking ip routing)
  3. is the device stuck in a fail2ban?
    you can easily see your jails/etc by checking for IP Addresses in the result of the following command:
for i in apache-tcpwrapper recidive ssh-iptables apache-badbots pbx-gui asterisk-iptables vsftpd-iptables; do fail2ban-client status $i; done

or even just
fail2ban-client status asterisk-iptables

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