Generating msg for people on hold their approximate wait time

Im not sure but was wondering If a customer is not using queues just ring groups,direct dial in etc… is there a way to setup default msgs that if someone is on hold they would hear their wait time? I know we went over this in class for queues.

I say no because there is no way to poll all phones who are on parked or on hold. Sorry if im asking in the wrong context still trying to learn all the different features FreePbx w/Asterisk has to offer people.

The queue context is designed to do that, ring groups not so much, feel free to rewrite the RG context if you want, or just use queues which do it already, just use ring as your MOH and no one will know but you :wink:

Thanks dicko for the quick response. I figured as much will try setting up first queues today to see how it goes. This way customers wont get lost as it stands now if no one answers the phone people just hangup.