General Voicemail for Company on Sangoma Phone

So I need to have a way to signify there’s voicemail in a general voicemail box which is a virtual extension. Say a receptionist front desk phone. There’s Company A Extension 200 and Company B Extension 201 both are virtual extensions just used for voicemail.

What’s the best way to setup a button so that they can quickly check the voicemail of that virtual extension? Is there a way to have the line button light up if there is a voicemail on that virtual line?

Or do I have to do this a different way?

Multiple phones will need to have this setup.

BLF programmed with *98201 for mailbox 201.


Great thanks that worked!

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Stupid question - where does the BLF get programmed? Latest Freepbx distro. Sangoma s405 phone, using EPM.

In the model Tab, click on the phone.

Or if you have UCP admin enabled, you can do it in extension mapping

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