What would you do with voicemail in this situation?

PBX Firmware: 12.7.5-1805-2.sng7
PBX Service Pack:

Our customer service department is two people, one of them is leaving.

The normal inbound call route for our 800 number is a Time Condition and goes to a Ring Group which hits a few people and then ultimately ends up in the voicemail for a single user.

Her last day is Friday and they’ve changed things up and would now like calls that no one answers go to a new mailbox but a user has the ability to access it remotely and if possible monitor that mailbox with a BLF. Is that possible?

Essentially have a separate voicemail box for these calls (so it can have a customer service greeting instead of the direct users greeting) but be monitored with a BLF on a users phone.

We’re using Yealink T46G phones.

Thank you

Really? You can program a BLF with a feature code like that and it would work? Will it notify you if there is voicemail for that box?

Sorry for sounding incredulous, I’m just trying to wrap my brain around how that would work… I know a BLF with an extension programmed on it gets “hints”, would it get voicemail hints if programmed with a feature code? What about other feature codes? Would a BLF show you if parking spots are filled or something like that? If I programmed a BLF with, say, 71?

Probably a long shot but would the BLF button light up if there was a new voicemail?

Could I create a dedicated customer service extension and have the ring group include that and ultimately end up in that voicemail inbox if nobody answers without an actual physical phone setup?

Yes, provided vm hints are enabled in advanced settings.

There are hints for local extensions of course, but there are many other hints that track events and are assigned to various feature codes. For example the queue login/out toggle feature code, DND toggle as well as most other toggle feature codes have hints so the BLF LED tells you at a glance what the status is.


Yea that is exactly how it would work but it only works on FreePBX distro as it’s a patch in asterisk we maintain that handles this.

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OK… this is a beautiful thing.
I set some BLF’s on my operator’s phone (second page) with the codes to switch time conditions… essentially the operator can now go into “night” mode, or “Bad weather” mode, or “Holiday mode” all with the push of a button. But, even cooler, is the BLF is green if the time condition is active, and red if not.

THIS is handy stuff right here! Thank you!

I was going to flippantly post that your amazement is for a 10 year old feature, but thought I better check sources first. It was a good guess, it was 10 years last month.

plindheimer committed b96eb0332d9 26 Jul 2008
fixes #2954 daynight hint not getting written out


edit - I probably messed up, the commit was for Call Flow Control, not Time Conditions. I expect the features for both are of similar ages

Well, I’ve only been on Asterisk for 2 years… I’m certified NEC… :smiley:

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This seriously isn’t part of asterisk main? We use it so much that it seems like a core feature.

Good job on it!

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