General question regarding CDR data

I have a general question regarding CDR data, would the old recorded data eventually erased over time or all CDR data is kept in MySQL database unless manually deleted/modified?
I would like to keep CDR data for certain period of time, (say 2 years) and wondering what would be the recommended way of backing up the data.
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you can do “eventually erased over time” manually;

And for backing up;

you can use “backup and restore” module,

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Hi Nbthost,
Thanks for the reply. Quick confirmation, if I don’t touch manually, CDR data will remain and keep accumulating overtime? (Which is preferable, I am thinking about taking periodical backup but if the data is keep accumulating, I can keep several of latest backup archive and throw away old ones…)

Yes, if you do not touch, the data keep accumulating.
And yes, you can take several backups with “backup and restore” module and download them with ftp using filezilla. You can find backups in /var/spool/asterisk/backup

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Super! As long as the CDR data retains until manual intervention, I can keep several latest backups and delete the rest. Thanks for the clarification, have a nice weekend!

Hi, quick question, did you try enabling automatic backup feature? I am experimenting to backup periodically, (such as hourly, daily, weekly) somehow I don’t see archive in /var/spool/asterisk/backup folder. If I press “and Run” button manually, it creates backup, but just by pressing “save” button won’t schedule automatic backup…

I use 2 backup templates;
one is daily the other is weekly

one of my backup schedule;

you will only press “save” button. if you press “run” button it will take manual backup
it takes automatically every night;
and when takes 7 backups, deletes the oldest one.

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FYI, my issue was not having /home/asterisk directory. Thanks for the information!