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I have a customer with ± 30 inbounds routes.
The customer want a holliday message.
They want to activate it for every phone/inbounds routes just by pushing a button on the phone (BLF)

Is it possible to make that ?

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Yes you can. Just create a call flow with the message that you would like to play and use the auto-assigned feature code to toggle it. You can assign that same code to a BLF key.

That would work fine assuming all of the inbound routes go to the same destination, but I don’t think it would if they go to different destinations.

You are right, for multiple inbound routes a little hand work would be needed

Use a dummy Time Condition for each Inbound Route. Associate all these Time Conditions with a Call Flow toggle. Program the BLF to control the Call Flow.

Or, send the trunk(s) to a custom context that checks the Call Flow and routes accordingly.

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Yes, all my inbounds routes have differents destination.
If i use call flow i need to create ±30 of them with differents numbers.

Stewart1 can you explain more your solution ?
I create one general Time Condition for every Inbound Routes.
What i need to do in the general Time Condition ?

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We discussed a process just like this about six months ago (one feature code for a bunch of inbound routes). I remember that there was a setting in the process that allowed you to control several call flows from the same button press, but I don’t have much more detail than that. The trick was to not use Time Conditions but to use Call Flow Control.

I searched the forums and found several good articles - this one seems pertinent:

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You need 30 Time Conditions and one Call Flow control. Create the Call Flow first and set up a BLF to turn it on and off.

Each Time Condition has Destination non-matches to the normal Extension or whatever and Destination matches to the holiday message. For each, set ‘Call Flow Toggle Associate with’ to your new Call Flow, specifying Force Time Condition True Destination. Use no Time Groups or Calendar. When you Submit, you’ll get a warning about the ‘empty’ condition; just ignore it an Submit it again. Apply Changes and you should be good to go.

I suggest that you first try this with only one or two Time Conditions, to confirm that it works as you expect.

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