Gateway sip registration

hi everyone I just wanna know how to register my quintum gateway to Freepbx, quintum will be the incoming and outgoing gateway. please help me to do this way.

thanks and advance


I just want to write you a note to let you know that messages like this are very upsetting to the people who volunteer their time to help users out and I am sure frustrating to you.

You didn’t ask a specific question about integrating your gateway you simply said “help me do this way”, a statement that actually makes no sense.

If you want help you need to have read the documentation on your Quintum and understand how to configure it (we certainly don’t know anything about it) and read up on FreePBX and Asterisk.

You should connect the gateway to your network, make sure it can talk to FreePBX (at least ping back and forth) then try and create a trunk and routes to the gateway inside FreePBX.

If you get stuck ask a question about these steps. For all we know the Quintum is sitting in a box on your desk.