Gateway openvox iag200

Hi everyone, I have an openvox iag200 gateway, I followed this guide

I can send calls out, but I can’t receive them.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

What, if anything, appears in the Asterisk log on an attempted incoming call? If nothing, what, if anything, appears in sngrep? What does the caller hear? I know nothing about this gateway, but if it has a useful logging feature, also report what you see there.

Hi @nikiciccio
You have to Login in OpenVOX IAG device and you can see there Call Forward or Route… You have to make Route plan FXO/FXS calls to hit your FreePBX via SIP. I have used this type devices in pure Asterisk and works well.

Desktop.tgz (1,2 MB)

I posted an archive with photos and logs, I still haven’t been able to solve the problem, in fact now I can’t even make outgoing calls

@nikiciccio What about OpenVOX Routing tab?
Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 14.54.27
You have to make Routing calls from OVOX → FreePBX and opposite way with your FXO/FXS ports ( you have to select for each port direction )

I don’t see on your PDF file OutBound Route calls from FreePPX → to → OpenVOX ?

this had already been done

Good, Run SNGREP at PBX Box and send some calls to see where is your call(s) stopping.

When you set a trunk between systems A and B, you have up to three choices:

  1. System A registers to system B (A sends REGISTER requests and B responds to them).
  2. System B registers to system A (B sends REGISTER requests and A responds to them).
  3. Each system is statically configured with the address of the other; registration is not used.

In your setup, SIP Endpoint 1008 on the iAG has Registration: Server, i.e. it expects to receive REGISTER requests. But on the FreePBX end, you have host=dynamic, i.e. it expects to receive REGISTER requests. Nobody is sending them, so it won’t work.

You should decide which of the workable choices is best for your application and set up both ends appropriately.

I solved it by leaving the Openvox gateway in dhcp, I haven’t found any other solutions

thank you all

Odd… Static IP wont works DHCP works… something misconfiguration at Static IP Side?

no the address configuration was correct. it will certainly be a configuration problem in the FreePBX trunk, (which I didn’t find the correct settings) but as I wrote above, I solved it by configuring openvox in dhcp

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