Gamma UK - PJSIP Setup

Noob here so go easy with me :slight_smile:
Samgoma 400 with FreePBX 16 - All updates done.

I recently signed up to Gamma UK as current SP wasn’t providing a decent service.
Got all my info from Gamma and it looks like there is a whole lot of info related to the FreePBX setup that they cannot provide.

Anyone out there using them and wouldn’t mind helping me get everything setup?

This is everything that I was provided

Endpoint (DC2N24HJQ*****)
IP Address: 5.
Channels 16
Signalling UDP port 5060 egress/ingress IP Address: 151.
Media UDP ports 6000 - 40000 egress/ingress IP Address: 151.


Looking at and some other information, I would say it is IP authenticated and “IP Address” is not the same as “IP Address”, in the information supplied, i.e. you have over-redacted it. The first one should be your external address.

Endpoint doesn’t seem to be relevant; maybe it is the billing account name?

They must have provided you with the DID, which you will also need for the caller ID.

It looks like they take numbers in the standard UK format (starting with 0).

The UDP port range for media is only for firewall purposes, and normally you would not restrict the remote RTP port range.

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Thanks David, sorry I did over-redact, thought I left my first numbers in.
Updated now.
I will give the video a watch and see if I can have a go at my config.

I use Gamma on my FreePBX 15.
They gave me a SIP server to connect to and I can only connect from a specific IP address.
These are my settings:

Thanks BigJoe
That’s what I was thinking the setup would need to be.
I see you made a change to the context, you added -volume, any benefit?

That was a custom context to increase the volume of the calls, something like:

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