g729a confused much!

Please can someone help with a few definitive answers.
Im new-ish to linux and pbx systems and have been plodding my way through.

  1. Does FreePbx come with g729 or g729a (which may need to then be licensed)

  2. If not - how do I install the free version g729a. Does it come from digium as part of g729 or from elsewhere. How do I install it.

  3. What would actually happen if I bought ONE license for g729 (for testing purposes) and utlise with more than one channel. I just dont want to purchase 10 licenses if it doest work/or suit me in the beginning - but I do want to test it. Is that possible.

Thanks so much in advance - much appreciated.


  1. NO, Asterisk BTW supports only the A annex (at least not officially)

  2. I suggest to purchase digium’s g729. If you want to “test” try this link http://asterisk.hosting.lv/

  3. 1 purchase = 1 channel, if you run out of channels, it will say "no compatible codecs, bla bla bla, or will fail to another available one e.g. ulaw or alaw if you “allow” it.


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Thanks. I followed your advice and tried g729 from the link provided. It worked. But sound quality was really really bad. Audible, but not professional.

Is this because the version from the link is NOT the official g729?
Or do i need use the g729 direct from digium?

really appreciate the help.

As sanyajws says best to buy one from Digium. You only need one per concurrent calls so if you have 20 extensions but only 4 concurrent calls you only need 4xG729 licenses ($40.00). If you really need a compression codec it’s not very much. By the way G729 licenses allow for transcoding of G729 to other codecs. If you make a call and both end points are G729 the Asterisk will handle G729 passthru without needing a license.