G729 Licenses - Alternative?

Hello All,

I fully understand the G729 protocol settings and how to use device to device and not require a license purchse, but when voicemail, IVR’s are working we need to go from analog to digital requiring the protocol licenses.

Is there a way to avoid the licenses?
Without sacraficing quality?


You may have closed this thread ( understand why ) but I wasn’t looking for a way to “cheat the system”.
In some cases I have taken IVR recordings and converted them to G729 files instead of wav or other sound formats thereby bypassing the requirement of a license for every person hearing the recording or leaving a recording which on a big phone system is pretty big.

Thats the type of alternative thinking I was referring to.


You can download the Asterisk g.729 voices from http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/sounds/

If you live in the US your only option is to buy a license from Digium. As for alternatives, we don’t discuss them here.