g729 Codec

Can anyone tell me the origin of the G.729 codec in the ISO distro?

We’re seeing a quality issue (background noise, choppy audio) introduced when Asterisk is transcoding G.729 to u-law and I’m wondering if that’s the result of deficiencies in the implementation or perhaps a hardware issue.

Thanks for all your hard work on this great product.


Ah that’s my understanding.

Your confirmation is consistent with my observation of ‘core show translation’.

Looks like I misread 722 as 729 in ‘sip show channels’… repeatedly. Doh!

What CODEC in the Distro? The Distro does not come with g.729. You have to buy licenses from Digium and install them.

722 is a wideband CODEC. Sometime called HD voice by the marketing people (the same folks that make HD toilet paper).