G722 Sounds

Any way to use G722 prompts with FreePBX distro? If possible, I’d like to not have to re-compile Asterisk.

Install Asterisk Source with yum and make menu config and include the g722 sounds and extras (Which I think is risky with the FreePBX distro to make install them after menuconfig… not sure tho:)


Manually download the Tar/gzipped sound files from Digium’s website and expand them into the language for your install such as /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en for English


Or, get the .slin (native as they say on their website) (8 bit, but cleaner than GSM ones) from:


(But Voicevector’s prompts would replace Allison’s voice with their own female voice)

The slin16’s (from Digium’s website) sound beautiful over g.722 with Polycom’s and Cisco’s… And the slin’s (also Digium’s version so you can keep Allison’s voice consistent) sound very good over most SIP provider’s g.711u.

To reduce the need to transcode, you can have g711 and g722/slin/slin16’s all in the same sounds folder. Any transcoding hits the server’s CPU and could introduce voice artifacts on slow CPU’s with lots of simultaneous calls.