FXS Ports - no dialtone

Preface: I’m completely new FreePBX and Asterisk.

The system is running and calls from our SIP phones work. I have a Digium 4 port card with FXS installed. It is recognized by FreePBX. All ports are set to group 0 with KEWL start. From what I understood reading the documentation, I should have been able to create a new generic dahdi extension and assign it to an FXS port number, and that’s it. From there, it should just work.

I did that and cannot get it to work. I can’t find anywhere more detailed instructions on how to configure or troubleshoot. I have an analog polycom conference telephony and I am stuck trying to get a dial tone to it.

Help … anyone?

I have the same problem. In my case I had to reboot FreePBX after configuring the DAHDi extensions and it started working.