FXS Port on Telco All-in-one over FTTH? What is the best approach?

Hey everyone, here’s what I am facing.

HW: hp elitedesk mini running on proxmox
Provider: Orange Jordan
Phone: D-Link DPH-150SE

  • This is my first time installing FreePBX
  • I have an FTTH installed
  • Telco all-in-one dials up PPPoe
  • Telco all-in-one provides LAN routing + wifi
  • Telco all-in-one provides FXS (RJ11) port for telephone

I am trying to find the best way to trunk this telephone connection to the FreePBX machine.

What is the best route in this case?

  • Can FreePBX act as a modem and dial up the connection with PPPoe?
  • Should I consider an FXO ATA and treat my line as a plain old telephone line?

I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks.

  1. Use a third party, VoIP only provider, if allowed in your country/by your provider;
  2. Use a SIP FXO gateway device (what you called an ATA);
  3. Obtain the technical, and authentication parameters of the underlying VoIP system, from your provide and access over your Ethernet.

Your PPPoE option is a non-starter.

Unless the built in ATA provides both answer and disconnect supervision, you may have problems using option 2 in all but the simplest of cases.

Hey @david55 thank you for your reply.

I am gonna go with option 2

I just purchased the HT813 from grandstream.
Will wait for it to arrive and write back with results.

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