FXS - DAHDI Goes Silent

(Michael Coulton) #1

I’ve had two instances where I have no dial tone on an FXS port. I don’t know what happens if I call the extension number. The system is patched to the latest levels. The issue is resolved by rebooting the system.
The FXO / FXS DAHDI is configured and recognized by the system.
Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


(James Zhu) #2

please show the CLI log here.


Have you connected the power plug to the card?

(Michael Coulton) #4

I’ve looked under var/log/asterisk and I don’t see a CLI file. What directory would this be in?

(Michael Coulton) #5

Yes… the power plug is connected to the card.


(Dave Burgess) #6

The file you’re looking for is /var/log/asterisk/full

(Michael Coulton) #7

I’ve got the file, now how do I upload it? I’m getting an error message saying the file isn’t recognized format.

(Michael Coulton) #8


The card has gone silent again. How do I upload the log file.


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