FXO Module no outbound calls

Hello all,

I have installed FreePBX with asterisk 10.12.2 on a remote server, everything was working ok, but after this weekend my FXO module is not working anymore with outbound calls or inbound calls. The module is a Planet VIP-281 and is installed on my local office away from the asterisk server, it is only used mainly for outbound calls and it is our first destination on trunks.

Whenever I try to place an outbound call I get this on the CLI:

– Executing [continue@macro-dialout-trunk:3] NoOp(“SIP/5330-0000007e”, “TRUNK Dial failed due to CHANUNAVAIL HANGUPCAUSE: 1 - failing through to other trunks”) in new stack

I think this is the only part that matters from it.

I’ve tryed restoring a backup from FreePBX but I get the same results, also I’ve restored the FXO module to it’s factory defaults and reonfigured it and I get the same over and over again.

Can someone guide me on where to start looking at?