FXO incoming calls with delay and hangup issues (Openvox A400E)

Hi guys… My apologies if I sound stupid or if I am missing something basic. I used to be a Cisco CUCM guys and I am now moving to Freepbx so I am a newbie in this area. I have a server running the latest Freepbx6.12.65 and have installed an Openvox A400E analog card with 2 FXO modules. I have properly configured the trunks and inbound routes but for some reasons when I dial, there is a delay of 2-3 rings (10-12 s) before it rings an extension or hits the IVR. Sometimes it answers right away (As it is supposed to…) and sometimes never answer but the most experienced behavior is 10-12 seconds. When the calls are answer and outside caller hangup while ringing, the extension never detects the hangup even and keeps ringing for sometime more. Initially, it never rang so had to change port signaling to loop start to at least make it ring.

This is what I have tried so far (FYI… I am from Costa Rica):

  • Modified the system tone settings to match the country to cr. Tones are properly configured on the indications.conf
  • Enable busydetect and set the busy count to 3. (Tried many combination but same result)
  • Since Costa Rica is not listed on the Dahdi system settings as a tone region, tried many near countries and different combination but had the same result.
  • Even manually modified the system.conf to cr as region tone and defaultzone.

I am not sure if I am missing something basic or not but I appreciate any help.

Thank you very much team!!

Good morning team… I continue troubleshooting this issues with the same results. I am pretty sure this should be related to a setting or something specific I am missing based on the troubleshooting performed:

  • Tried different analog lines even from different providers.
  • Reconfigured the card on the system
  • Tried a different card and different FXO module
  • Reinstalled FreePBX system and tried a different server.

I know you guys are busy but I am wondering if you can make some time to help me here. I really like this system and have great expectations about it but if I cant make it work soon, I would need to move to another platform… :pensive: