FXO Channels configuration

I have freePBX distro 4.211.64-7 and a Digium Card with 8 FXO ports; we are having troubles in channel 1 with disconect tone; asterisk does not recognize the hangup of outside caller party ,
we solve this including a command hanguponpolarityswitch=yes in dahdi module > global settings. But this affects the correct function of the other channels with lines from other telco, (it recognize the hangup but when we initiate the call on those lines to an outside party the call hangs up inmediately after they answer the call.
is there a way to configure FXO channels in an independent way? FreePBX GUI doesnt show an option.

Thanks in advance

I believe you can do it in /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf by channel, e.g.


but I am not sure that the current Schmooze dahdi module will allow that to be persistent.

What about if I need answeronpolarityswitch=yes in the other channel 2-x ? how would be the command secuence?

Any other suggestion in order to make the changes persistent?

Well, that would be the other way around :slight_smile: , to make them persistent do it the the old fashioned way without a helper module, i.e. uninstall what does not work for you. (there are plenty of old but still good recipes for dahdi out there in google land)

( be careful though, uninstalling that module does not clean itself up well, you will need to do the whole /etc/dahdi/* /etc/asterisk/dahdi thing over)