FX card installation and configuration

I placed telephony card inside my distro server but when i access server through browser, its not showing any iax2 channel
i can’t find any installation command on distro or asterisk cli
help me out what to do

What brand and model of card? What version of FreePBX and Asterisk?

its FXM: 2– 32 Port Expandable Analog Telephony Card by Synway
I am using FreePBX Distro, Asterisk version 10.5.0

Everything is working fine
I have also tested calls on soft phones
and now I want to connect the server with PSTN, the card is inserted, I just need to install and configure it and I know commands to install but it doesn’t work on FreePBX Distro, on startup when i press “c” it takes me to grub> and commands like
yum install
cd /etc/usr are unrecognized

i saw Asterisk CLI, but i didn’t finds commands there for installation and configuration of card
the Synway Company sent me AsteriskNOW Manual but m using Asterisk 10.5.0 freepbx distro and I think its good but I m stuck with hardware, wanna install it
please suggest what to do

First of all an analogue card will not use IAX2. It will mostly likely use DAHDI. So you have to configure Dahdi to use the card. It sounds as if you are not really used to the Linux command prompt. The commands that you mention such as cd and yum install are to be issued at the Linux command prompt after logging onto root. Normally something like a “#” prompt. They are not asterisk or grub boot commands.

I don’t know that specific card but if you can post the commands that the manufacturer suggest will set it up we can have a look.

thats right m not used to the linux
the commands suggested by manufacturer are based on AsteriskNow

rpm -i kernel-devel-2.6.18-128.1.1.el5.i686.rpm

amportal stop

cd /opt

tar -zxvf SynAST-

tar -zxvf dahdi-linux-complete-

cd SynAST-

cd for_dahdi

./Setup install

they can work on AsteriskNOW command prompt, not in my FreePBX Distro

They actually work at the bash command prompt rather than the Asterisk command prompt. So when you run through these what actually happens? Does the package seem to install OK or do you get some errors along the way?

yes these commands do not work in FreePBX distro
should i install AsteriskNOW on server and run these commands
I read that new FreePBX Distro is very strong and better than AsteriskNOW
but there is no command prompt in Distro, why is that so?

There is absolutly a Linux command prompt in the Distro. All you have to do is SSH into the box.

These commands can’t be complete.

They assume you have copied the SynAST- to the target directory.

Also, both Asterisk now and FreePBX have DAHDI precompiled so you are going to break things trying to install the wrong kernel-dev module.

No matter what distro you use your life would be much easier if you choose a supported card rather than a card that requires you to modify to source code of your system to run.

I have never even heard of this card.

There is a Linux command login on the distro. Any distro like this will have a command prompt available. This is not available via FreePBX. What you need to do it to use an ssh client (such as putty if you are running it from Windows) to connect into the IP address of the server. Logon as “root” and you will get a command prompt (#) where you can enter the commands that you published above.

What do you mean there is no command prompt in the distro? It is the same as Asterisnow, it uses Linux.

You can either enter the commands from the physical console or use an SSH client like putty to log into the system with the root credentials you supplied at login.

when i installed FreePBX Distro on server, it asked me login for the first time but second day when i switched on the server, there was no command prompt, there was just a blank screen and everyday i see that blank screen and nothing happens when i press any button
it is working fine from browser, so i thought that is ok but i can’t do anything on server
should i format hard disk n install again?

I would not think you have to reinstall.

Can you login to the server via SSH (use putty, a free client)?

yes, i used the ssh, that works great
i installed the hardware successfully
now i have connected rj11 on port and wanna play ivr files on incoming calls
i asked the company support but they r saying they have not tested their product on upgraded versions
if i want their help i have to work on old version AsteriskNOw 1.5.0
distro is far better, no need to write commands and other than distro are like pain in ass
should i work on my own, or follow the company?

I don’t understand. Your English is challenging, sorry.

If the company does not provide drivers for current versions of Asterisk chances are you will not be able to get the card to work.

Supported cards for Asterisk are under $100 US if you are on an extreme budget. OpenVox cards are the least expensive cards that work without any issues.

I would agree with SkykingOH. If the company who supplied the card say that they don’t have drivers for later versions of Asterisk then you are a bit stuck so you can either:

  1. Get another card (OpenVOX are cheaper but also look at Sangoma)
  2. Do as they say and downgrade.

I am agree with both of you

I have given details of card to my boss
I hope he will buy cards from your suggested companies.

Thank you so much and I am sorry for my poor englsih

I would like to write every issue here that I get my way