Fwconsole reload remove the dial plan settings from extensions_additional.conf

I have been creating an Exts using the bulk import feature of Freepbx using the CSV file.

I made some changes in the default dial plan of an asterisk which is defined in “extensions_additional.conf”.

The problem is after importing bulk ext, I must have to trigger the “fwconsole reload” in order to effect current changes and then Freepbx overwrite the dial plan .conf file, and my custom setting are being removed from extensions_additional.conf file.

Is there any way to handle or overcome this issue?

Most conf files can’t be edited directly, you will see a warning at the top telling you this. The *custom.conf files exist for this purpose. What edits are you making?

I’m adding a below script to read the DTMF signal in default context (macro-dialout-trunk) provided by asterisk.

Script : exten => s,n,Set(__DYNAMIC_FEATURES=readdtmf)

I can’t tell from that what your goal is, but it sounds like you need a dialplan hook:

Okay thanks for the reference.

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