Fwconsole reload error

FreePBX Distro 16
Trying to apply a simple setting change (extension password) in the web ui results in an error pop up saying to run fwconsole reload --verbose in the CLI

I’ve seen this a few times lately on different systems, the cli command usually takes care of it.

This time however when running fwconsole reload I get the following error

In Pest.php line 232:

Failed connect to; Connection refused

I never seen this.
Can you give us further details about your system and configurations?
Is there any specific modules installed here …Etc

FreePBX 16 Distro install with Asterisk 16.20.0
Current PBX Version:16.0.15
Current System Version:12.7.8-2202-2.sng7
Total Module Count:115

pretty vanilla install just did the defaults, didn’t remove any modules that were installed by default.

end points are a mix of D series phones, D40, 50, 65’s all configured with EPM

No idea.

Maybe open a second console and launch fwconsole dbug.
Next on the first, launch: fwcconsole r

Next, copy and past the part of dump of the reloading action please.
Maybe we could see where the issue comes from.

Does FreePBX now use PestPHP testing framework?


This is a bug in the Sangoma real-time module. Unless you’re using it, you probably can’t report the bug because you have to go to commercial support. Support So disable and uninstall.

so I have a system using SangomaConnect… which requires this module supposedly…

Now what?

.ake sure all of the node daemons are running. I assume it is trying to talk to one of them. Otherwise open a support ticket probably. In any case this is a bug

Hi @ashcortech, please try reinstalling the sangomartapi module. This sounds similar to an issue we’re currently working on, and that will likely fix things.

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re-installed the sangoma smart api and the apply config succeeded without issue.

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