Fwconsole ma upgradeall - the command is already running?

Recently when I run the fwconsole ma upgradeall command the system keeps telling me that command is already running in another process. I’ve not run into this before. Any idea what might be happening here? I’m not running any upgrade from the gui

[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole ma upgradeall
The command is already running in another process.

On every ssh login, there is a background check that determines if there are any pending system or PBX updates. Recently a lock has been added to prevent doing concurrent moduleadmin actions, so you must wait a minute or two after you first login for the background check to clear before you run the upgrade.


sounds good. thanks lorne

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Does this only happen on root login? Because I have only experienced this when using root.

Normally I use my own user and never seem to hit this.

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