Fwconsole command to set pjsip tls certificate?



I am using

fwconsole certificates --import

command to import a certificate. What command do i use to assign the certificate to the pjsip channel?

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You don’t as far as I am aware. Someone would have to dig into the code, I assume core, to see how that is set. Then you could write something to script it.


Having ‘imported’ a certification, you can set is as the default if that’s the one you want to use by default , you should ‘updateall’ and delete any self signed ones at this point 'cos the aren’t very useful, , then all legit certs will be propagated into /etc/asterisk/keys/integration were the default ‘integrations’ like the https serving wss and ucp’s nodejs will look for valid ones and your screen shot would now have any of your so successfully imported certs as an option

fwconsole cert --help

would be a good place to start when using a shell rather than the gooey.


I am managing the certificates outside freepbx and they change every few months.

Once the i replace the *.crt and *.key in /etc/asterisk/keys and do an import (fwconsole certificates --import), does it automatically overwrite the certificate in FreePBX? Or do i need to first delete the existing certificate?

If i delete the existing certificate (prior to importing again), the TLS setting in Sipsetting gets unlinked and there is no way to set it via cli.


basically in your post update hook ‘ln’ or ‘cp’ key and crt into ‘keys’ and

fwconsole cert import
fwcinsole cert updateall

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