Fwconsole can't start Asterisk on Ubuntu: "Sysadmin RPM not up to date" [Resolved]

I installed FreePBX 13 and Asterisk on Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 LTS following the instructions on the freepbx wiki (I’d post a link, but this forum won’t let me)

Everything seemed to be working okay until I rebooted my server. I noticed that Asterisk wasn’t running. I first started it manually via /etc/intit.d/asterisk start, but then the problem was that FreePBX couldn’t access /var/run/asterisk/asterisk.ctl So, I tried running fwconsole start and I got the error [Exception] Sysadmin RPM not up to date

I tried to find out why I was getting this error or how to update Sysadmin, but apparently this shouldn’t be happening on Ubuntu?

That’s the System Firewall module. You should uninstall it for the moment, as it’s not working on Non-Distro machines.

That did it, thanks.

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Asterisk still isn’t starting at boot. Do I need to do something for the fwconsole start command to run at boot?

You need to start FreePBX, not Asterisk at boot… I can’t remember how to do it on 14, but Debian 8.1 has it all documented.

At a guess, adding ‘fwconsole start’ to /etc/rc.local should do it?

Right, that’s why I said I need some way for the fwconsole start command to run at boot. I know how to get asterisk to start, but when I do that it doesn’t play nice with FreePBX. Your suggestion worked, thank you again.

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