Function CALLERPRES not registered

Hi, noticed this morning in CLI> warnings displaying:
Function CALLERPRES not registered

Search did not really show much so I am hoping someone here can enlighten me on this.

I can’t speak for FreePBX, but the CALLERPRES dialplan function was removed from Asterisk as of version 17.

Hi Jcolp,
Asterisk 18.5.0
and these are spewing on screen in CLI>>
[2021-07-22 10:08:11] ERROR[12634][C-0000004f]: pbx_functions.c:699 ast_func_write: Function CALLERPRES not registered

That doesn’t change my answer. I can’t comment on FreePBX aspects, only the Asterisk side, which I did.

You need to find out whether this is coming from FreePBX generated dialplan, or in custom dialplan. That will determine who is responsible for providing an alternative implementation.

What would I be looking for exactly?

It seems that CALLERPRES is referenced in several places in [ext-trunk] and in [macro-outbound-callerid] .
I believe that replacing them all with CALLERID will fix the problem.
If this is causing you trouble, open a bug report.

Think I found the cause. Logged into the users phone, in features saw call fwd always was enabled and target was .98 not *98. Removed the entry, disabled call fwd always. The messages in CLI stopped.

Thanks for the help!

And as soon as I wrote the above, the Function CALLERPRES not registered messages appeared again. So back to square 1.

Are you saying in extensions_additional.conf any line that looks like this:
exten => tdial,n(nomax),ExecIf($["${CALLINGNAMEPRES_SV}" != “”]?Set(CALLERPRES(name-pres)=${CALLINGNAMEPRES_SV}))


I believe that file is controlled by FreePBX and should not be user edited. To do it safely you would need to fix the code that creates it, which is why it is suggested that you create a bug report.

Will create a bug report. What I did was make a .bkup copy of the original file and edited extensions_additional.conf


rasterisk -x “dialplan reload”

Now the messages are no longer appearing

… until you Apply Config. Then all bets are off.

As a horrible waste-of-resources option, you could set up a crontab job to go out and find and replace those every five minutes or so. That way you’ll only get log spewage for a few minutes until the next version of Core is released and the code gets changed.

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