Full System update causing tampered file

Last night I fully updated a number of servers to the latest module and system versions and followed this with a reboot to update the running asterisk version. However, this morning I noticed that about 30 percent of them had critical security warnings on the dashboard.

Module: "FreePBX Framework", File: "/var/www/html/admin/modules/framework/module.xml altered"

Apparently freepbx is sensing that somehow this file has been changed when is shouldn’t have been. I’m doubtful this is due to any security breach, but it is an important warning to heed, so I figured i’d reach out and ask for your advice here.

On one of the servers, the stats for the file seem to indicate it hasn’t been “modified” for about 23 days. Also, nothing in this file seems like it would be of particular interest to a hacker.

Should I be concerned about this? What can I do to fix this problem?

I was changing some other configurations and noticed that the “Apply Config” button was visible on the top right. After doing that, the tampered file warning disappeared. Does that mean I have nothing to worry about, or have I simply hidden the warning?

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