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Good afternoon! I need to transfer freepbx from one server to another while saving data to sql. That is, I need to have all the data available on the old one after deploying backup on the new server. Is it enough to simply select a backup in the module in Points? Or do you still need to specify additional directories? I’m only interested in saving CDR statistics.

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The entire point of a backup is that it results in a copy of the original without making any changes to it.

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Sounds like you have 2 tasks - backing up data to another server and extracting whatever information you want into whatever SQL database you want.

If the new server has the same hardware as the old, look at the dd command to do a bitwise clone of the hard drive to another.

I’ve not played with extracting CDR data & therefore cannot intelligently comment on it. 99% that FreePBX uses mysql behind the scenes though… if so, it’s already in a sql database. The documentation for mysql is exhaustive.

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