Ftp server for recordings


We have NAS for recordings, How can we setup the recordings to be save to NAS by ftp??



You can’t NFS mount the NAS box to /var/spool/asterisk/monitor

Make sure the directory is owned by asterisk user.

Make sure the mount is added to fstab so it remounts at boot.


how will I do that… newbie here.


I type to fast the first line should have read “you need to NFS mount”

FTP is not a real time protocol.

I can’t teach you Linux in a forum post, FreePBX runs on Linux, if you want to do something that is not standard you need to learn how to use the Operating System.

I gave you the exact keywords to look up in the Linux and your NAS DOC.

On the NAS create an NFS share.

Mount the share on the FreePBX box.

Set the mount up in fstab

Set the permissions for the directory