FTP connection refused- too many sessions, since then phones refuse to register


I have a PBX with more than 100 phones. It seems they all rebooted and tried to ftp with the server on the cloud to fetch the config file.
FTP: connection refused - too many sessions.
I have increased the max_per_ip and restarted the ftp service.
But, ftp still does not succeed when I reboot the phone. I have disabled the firewall. So, it’s not like that ip is banned. Also, phones that have config refuse to register with sip cause 408 - connection refused by server.

We have also restarted the pbx. What else could be the cause?


What, if anything, appears in the Asterisk log when a phone attempts to register?

If nothing: what, if anything, appears in sngrep when a phone attempts to register?

If nothing: check that phone is sending to correct IP/port.

Yep, already checked that. No attempts from that ip address. It’s as if they can’t connect to our server. We don’t have access to their local network. I have asked them to check their side.

Just wanted to verify if there is anything else that could be preventing this on the PBX.

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