FTP Backup Troubleshooting

Created a ftp backup that is supposed to occur monthly about a year ago. Has not saved any data to ftp server since Feb. I think it perhaps is timing out as I added more file folders to backup at that time. Any troubleshooting tips? There seems to be no ready option to check connections. Thanks.

Let me explain a bit more. I created a backup routine named backup2ftp and when it is run, it takes an hour, but no backup files go to the FTP server. When I check the PBX I find an empty folder as if it is setup as a local backup at /var/spool/asterisk/backup/backup2ftp Again, this is empty.
So the Freepbx 16 goes thru the motions of backing up, but in reality backs up nothing. The settings for the ftp username and password are correct. Can’t find a log explaining what is happening.

Anything of value in /var/log/asterisk/backup.log or backup-<long random string>?

Yes. If someone knows what it means:
In Process.php line 235:
The command “/usr/bin/rsync --exclude=‘node_modules’ --exclude=‘*tgz’ --ex
clude=‘*gpg’ --exclude=‘.git’ -rlptgov /root/ /tmp/backup/…/customdir/root/” failed.

Exit Code: 23(Unknown error)

Sorted it out the old fashioned way. Created a new backup item with minimal data to backup. Kept running it to troubleshoot. The existing broken backup routine, though it was toggled to report success or failure via email was not doing so. New routine would send a log now to report failure and success. Password to FTP had characters ^%&# and somehow password was not getting passed to FTP with those characters. Reset to a simple alpha numeric password and now works.

Deleted broken backup routine entirely as it would not report failure via email (presumably the password was the hang-up). Easier to delete and recreate than to fuss over it.

Recreated new backup routine to backup same items as deleted routine with simple password. Now works. [Makes me wonder if some module update changed the way password was sent to FTP over time?] Complicated password worked fine in Filezilla etc.

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