From: appearing on some inbound calls on Polycom phone

I have a multi-tenant setup with real receptionists answering inbound calls for numerous companies.
What usually happens on an inbound call is that the DID number is picked up at the inbound routes stage and we use the CID name prefix to insert the correct company name for the receptionist to read out when answering.

On the polycom display it would appear as “Acme Ltd: 012340123123”.
However, on occassion it seems that it comes up as “From: Acme Ltd: 012340123123”.
Which can cause issues as the receptionists get confused for one and because the phones only have a small display, the whole company name (depends on how long it is) is not shown.

I thought I had seen a way to configure the option of whether to show the From: at all in the polycom configuration previously but for the life of me I can’t find any information on the web about it.

Asterisk Ver. 1.4.20

Do you have a copy of the Administrators guide for the SIP load you are running on the phone?

If memory serves me there is a tag to control the URI display behavior.

How did you provision the phones?