"From" address of notification E-Mails

Under Tools/System Admin/Notification Settings, I have set the “From Address” to "[email protected]." However, the last couple of days I’m getting mail from "[email protected]" with the subject of “FreePBX: New Online Updates Available.”

Not a big deal, but I’m wondering why the “from address” I specified isn’t used in this case?

also having the same issue…

is there another place to set the “from” address for update notification emails? we automatically have freepbx send to our helpdesk to automatically create a ticket. when the helpdesk replies to [email protected] (the current “from” address) it of course has issues, and then the ticket gets updates with errors about invalid email addresses.

i guess i need to set the localdomain, but cant find out how… does anyone have any suggestions?

actually, i’ve just edited the postfix main.cf to include the domain name and all seems to be well…

what distro and version are you using?