Fresh load, can't shut down with ACPI

Good morning, all.

I recently loaded FPBX 15 to play with, and something I noticed to my past experience with FPBX 13 & 14, is that I can no longer control it’s power/reboot via ACPI.

When I issue an ACPI shutdown, it waits a few seconds then the terminal says:

Message from [email protected] at Mar 21 14:44:59 …
kernel:Disabling IRQ #9

After that, the machine is a bit sluggish, but still runs. It doesn’t actually shut down, and future ACPI shutdown commands offer no response. The only way to get it to gracefully shut down is to issue the “shutdown now” command.

There may be some that think it’s a bad idea to allow the system to respond to a power button press, but this also has an impact on graceful shutting down in a virtualized environment, which is why I want to narrow down the cause of this.

If anyone has any thought, please advise.


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