Fresh install w/ system wide open - login with credentials refuses to activate,

For whatever reason, the login for FreePBX has lately been set to NONE by default for whatever possible reason.

Anyway I change the setting to DATABASE as one should to activate login however, it was not taking the proper password so I shut it back down with NONE so I could complete various final settings.

When I try to set it back to DATABSE it refuses to activate again.

running this on CentOS 5.7 and Asterisk

In the Adminstrator section I see this: “NOTE:Authorization Type is not set to ‘database’ in Advanced Setting - note that this module is not currently providing access control, and changing passwords here or adding users will have no effect unless Authorization Type is set to ‘database’”

However I do not see a “Authorization Type” in the advanced settings.

I do see "“Allow Login with DB Credentials” and in the tool tip appears:

"Allow Login With DB CredentialsWhen Set to True, admin access to the FreePBX GUI will be allowed using the FreePBX configured AMPDBUSER and AMPDBPASS credentials. This only applies when Authorization Type is ‘database’ mode.

Default Value: False

WHy is something not there which is suppose to be?

I went into the database and forced the setting in AUTHTYPE to “database” as it was set to NONE.

However, now only “asteriskuser” can log in. what is up with “admin” being unable to?

I don’t know what to do either because I would like some people to partially administer the PBX, without this feature it is “All or nothing”. Do any developers have any insight into this?


I have the same issue. Currently running FreePBX

There is no authorization type in the “Advanced Settings” page.