Fresh Install Problems

Greetings Community,

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I am reaching out today in the hopes someone here can do what Google couldn’t.

When I installed the latest x64 distro yesterday (SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1712-2) everything went smooth as butter. But I am now stuck with 2 issues.

  1. When I go to reboot the machine, it just sits there, with a blank screen, doing nothing. It has been like that since yesterday afternoon. I have to physically press the RESET button on the server.

  2. I get an error when trying to do any yum commands about “cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: sng-base/7/x86_64”. I tried moving the Snagoma-* repo files out of the repo.d folder, and the error went away, but then it cannot find ANYTHING I am trying to install (webmin and the necessary prerequisites).

  3. This may be more for support, but none of my paid commercial modules from the old deployment came over when I built this one and activated it.

Thanks alot for any feedback you can provide!